History of restaurant De Mol

Our restaurant is named after the historical figure of Pietje Mol. This colourful gentleman ran a popular café near the Belgian-French border at the beginning of the 20th century, where nowadays the Café du Perroquet is roughly situated. His little café stuck in local memory because of Pietje’s offer of excellent picon, dune rabbits and asparagus of ‘own cultivation’.

The local inhabitants still refer to the place as ‘De Mol’, which is well known for its cosy pubs and tasty picon. Nevertheless, documents dated to medieval times and historical maps of the 19th century already used the name to refer to several early houses, a farm and a tavern located at this place.

A long walk through the dunes is also named after Pietje Mol. The walk starts in the neighbourhood of the Ara Dune Hotel and follows the ancient borderline, the various smuggle trails through the dunes to the beach, and ends with a picon in one of the border cafés.